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  • Dr. Henry Ngai

Why we love our Scarlet-S RF?

Skin Goals: Healthy looking skin

The search of healthy looking skin is a universal request of most people seeking cosmetic treatments. Healthy looking skin is manifested by even skin tone, textural smoothness, refined pore size as well as skin firmness. Over the years, different devices and technologies have been employed to achieve these goals. The most common methods used are laser, chemical peels , microneedling, ultrasound and radiofrequency.

Understanding your skin types

However, not all technologies can be safely applied to all skin types. We have known for years from clinical experiences, lasers and chemical peels are trickier to use in darker skin types (eg. Fritzpatrick ST 3-6) . These individuals have more sensitive skin and they are more prone to treatment side effects. The greater the treatment effect, the higher the complication rate.

What is mirconeedling?

One technology that has developed to circumvent this problem is microneedling. The procedure involves the production of multiple puncture wounds by using needles incorporated in a roller or a stamp device. The latter can be connected to an electric motor which generates rapid back and forth stamping motion, allowing rapid treatment time and more even skin coverage. These puncture wounds lead to the local recruitment of inflammatory cells and the release of a cascade of chemical signals for fibroblasts to lay down new collagen and elastin. It also helps scar revision because it simulates a procedure called subcision, by detaching the fibrous tissue underneath the scars.

Combination of microneedling & radiofrequency

By adding radiofrequency (RF) to the needles in microneedling, we can now deliver heat energy to the dermis and even the epidermis. (Radiofrequency depends on the conductivity and resistance of the skin tissue and is independent of skin colour. It is totally “colour-blind“.) One such device is Scarlet RF, which has recently received FDA and Health Canada approval. The device can precisely and safely deliver RF energy to a depth of up to 3.5 mm deep into the dermis , an area called reticular dermis.

Advantage of Scarlet RF

Scarlet RF is different from other similar devices in that the needles are non-insulated. The initial concern for non-insulated needles is the risk of superficial skin burn. However, the design of Scarlet is so intelligent that not only superficial burn does not happen, the non-insulated needles are in fact advantageous to produce positive change to the entire skin layer. The difference “inductance” of the different layers of the skin allows the technology to be safely applied on the skin. Our experience at Reviva has confirmed the tremendous safety of this particular device.

What can Scarlet RF do?

So what is the result you can expect from Scarlet RF? At Reviva, where we have performed many hundred of Scarlet RF treatments, we have seen a diminishment in pore size, scar improvement, and skin brightening after s series of treatment. However, the most impressive effect is skin tightening and sharpening of the lower half of the face so the face looks more oval in shape. At our clinic, we have seen comparable and at times even better result with Scarlet RF in skin tightening than focus ultrasound as well as no-needle RF devices. The needles ensure the energy is reliably deliver to the skin at the desired level.

The Newest Generation Scarlet-S RF

Scarlet-S RF (the newest generation Scarlet -RF) is a great tool we have at Reviva to combat the effect of skin aging, acne scar as well as general skin conditioning. This is one of the devices we have full confidence to recommend to our patients because of the safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness.


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