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A neuromodulator is a substance that alters nerve impulse transmission. It is commonly used in cosmetics, in the form of Botox® and Dysport®, to temporarily treat moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. During the aging process, collagen breaks down causing lines and wrinkles to form. However, these lines can start appearing earlier as a result of muscle activity. To smooth out the skin, botulinum toxin is injected directly into selected muscles to block the transmission of nerve impulses causing temporary paralysis in the injection site. This reduces activity of selected facial muscles and subsequently improves wrinkles.

This non-surgical treatment must be performed by an approved healthcare professional.






Quick treatment

Quick, yet lasting results

Relax the muscle on the jawline and calf for slimming effects

Natural results - Untreated facial muscles work normally and naturally. This allows patients to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling

Temporarily relaxes the muscle that cause fine lines and wrinkles in the following area: brows, forehead, eye region, mouth area, neck, jowls

What happens after the treatment?

No recovery time is needed, and within days you will see an improvement that may last up to 4 months. The most common side effects are headache and injection site pain though these do not happen to many patients.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients see results in as little as 24 hours. However, in most anti-aging cases, results are seen in 3-5 days and for facial or calf contouring, results are seen in 2-4 weeks.

How do I maintain results?

Most patients need to repeat the treatment after 12 weeks. It is not recommended to receive injections more often than every 90 days. Since each individual is different and has different expectations, it is up to the doctor to determine the frequency of treatments. Smoking and exposing skin to the sun’s UV rays should be avoided as these habits reduce the amount of new collagen produced and damage existing collagen.

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