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Covid 19 Safety Plan

As the COVID 19 cases continue to rise, there is much anxiety about in-person medical visits. However epidemiologically, the chance of contracting the virus in a legitimate private medical office which has a well-executed COVID safety plan is exceedingly small. At our office, we have even gone above and beyond the precautionary steps of what are required by the provincial health authority to prevent the transmission of the virus in our clinic. The safety of our staff and patients is our prime concern as we continue to deliver care to our patients in a responsible manner.

During the period from middle of March to early June, our clinic significantly reduced the clinic operation in order to comply with the health authority recommendations. However, we did not just sit idle hoping the pandemic will just sizzle out in a few short months. We realized and have also anticipated a significant second and more waves of the pandemic in the months to come. Therefore, we made significant operational changes and physical renovation in our clinic to create an environment that our staff and patients would feel they are well shielded from any form of germ transmission. We want to continue to provide the necessary care to our patients even if there is a significant rise in COIVID cases the community.

These are some of the implementations we have taken to make our clinic environment germ-safe:


  1. Regular staff training and review of safety protocol.

  2. Pre-visit questionnaire and “at-the-door” questionnaire for all patients.

  3. All staff has to be cross-checked each day for possible COVID exposure, including instructions of continuing strict adherence to social distancing and keeping the social bubble to a minimum.

  4. Daily symptom screening of all staff.

  5. Any staff or patients with any flu-like symptoms or any risk of COVID exposure are asked to postpone the appointment until they are tested negative for COVID AND symptom-free.

  6. Conducting many medical visits/ consultations by telehealth. If an in-person visit is necessary, all pertinent information will be obtained via telehealth (phone or video) beforehand to minimize the time spent in the clinic.

  7. Shoes disinfection, temperature check and hand hygiene upon clinic entry.

  8. Masks are mandatory in the clinic at all times except during head examination or any facial treatments.

  9. No patient is allowed to cross-path with other patients in the clinic

  10. A maximum of 3 patients are allowed in the premise at any one time

  11. Only one patient is allowed in the examination room. Exception is only given to patient who needs physical assistance.

  12. Masks and face shields/goggles for staff as well as gown/apron and gloves for any close patient encounter.

  13. Physical barrier is used between staff and patient whenever possible

  14. UV HEPA air purifiers are placed at strategic locations in the clinic.

  15. High power overhead UV lamp disinfections in exam and treatment rooms in between each patient

  16. Fogging with Health Canada approved hospital grade disinfectant of most clinic areas twice a day or whenever necessary.

  17. Despite our bathrooms are now out-fitted with powerful overhead UV lamp for disinfection, we do limit the use of our clinic washrooms by patients to minimize transmission.

  18. UV box for staff to disinfect staff personal items that brought from outside to the clinic

  19. Surface disinfection with Health Canada approved disinfectant frequently during the day.

  20. Ozone disinfection for areas that are not reached by UV light.

  21. Evening housekeeping staff has taken extra steps to undergo thorough office disinfection.

We are a handful of clinics In BC which have a clinic website that is constantly updated to provide patients with  new information on many health topics, including COVID 19. Our website address is

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