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Chemical Peel


Chemical peel, a means of exfoliation, can improve skin texture, scarring, melasma, and large pores. Exfoliation is the removal of the outermost layer of skin. It speeds up the process of regenerating healthy and rejuvenated skin. This treatment is done by applying an acid to the problem area. The type of acid and it's strength which is depended on the skin condition. Chemical peels can be used on the face and many parts of the body.

We provide superficial and medium-depth chemical peels. Deep peels are replaced by lasers and other modern technologies.

We offer numerous chemical peels for different skin concerns:

  • Trichloroacetic (TCA) peel (100% trichloroacetic acid)

  • Lactic peel (30% lactic acid)

  • Glycolic peel (20% glycolic acid)

  • Melanostop peel (6% phytic acid, 10% resorcinol, 20% azelaic acid)

  • Jessner peel (8% citric acid, 14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid)


Chemical Peel can target the following issues:


Shallow scars

Aging due to sun damage



Dull complexion

Unsatisfactory skin texture

Large pores

What are the side effects of this treatment?

Redness of skin lasting a few hours after the treatment is normal. Patients do go back to work immediately. Mild peeling may also occur for up to three weeks after the treatment.

When will I see results?

Results can be seen in one to two weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on the skin. Optimal results require multiple treatments.

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