Vasculight SR/IPL

Vasculight SR is used for IPL photorejuvenation and high-speed hair removal. It is one of the most effective IPL systems for removing unwanted pigmentation and evening out skin tone.

The innovative Nd:YAG laser head offers superior results when treating deep veins. The IPL heads are the perfect solution to vascular and pigmented lesions.

Vasculight SR combines all the features and benefits of Lumenis IPL and lasers.IPL


Vasculight is non-invasive and has a broad range of clinical uses, including:

  • Pigmented lesion treatment
  • Pore size reduction
  • Acne scar removal
  • Acne control
  • Photo facials
  • Rosacea and flushing reduction
  • Vascular lesion treatment


Q: What is the difference between IPL and lasers?

A: IPL and lasers use the same principle to remove unwanted pigment in the skin. IPL emits multiple wavelengths of light at a time (e.g. between 515 and 1,200 nm) while lasers emit light of a single wavelength (e.g. 532 nm).

Q: What are the advantages of IPL over lasers when it comes to pigment removal?

A: Theoretically, if each wavelength of length has one use, the IPL (with its multiple wavelengths) could perform many functions at once. In real-world application, which one you choose depends on your skin type and needs. At Reviva, we see great success in using IPL to treat conditions such as rosacea, age spots, sun spots, scars, leg veins, face veins, and melasma. It is our treatment of choice for melasma and specific types of sun spots.

Q: Which laser do you use to remove facial pigmentation?

A: Depending on your skin type and lesion type, different types of lasers are used. Laser treatments are usually most effective in treating discreet lesions and thickened age spots, and dermal pigmented lesions can only be removed with lasers.

Q: How many pigment removal treatments will I need?

A: Depending on your type of pigmentation, you may need one to six treatments. Age spots, for instance, typically respond quickly after just one treatment. With birthmark removal, 4 to 8 treatments are typically needed.

Q: Do treatments hurt?

A: Laser treatments are somewhat more uncomfortable than IPL. At Reviva, we reduce discomfort to a minimum by using numbing creams before procedures.

Q: What are the side effects of IPL and lasers?

IPL typically results in less scabbing or crusting (which usually fall off in 5 to 10 days) compared with lasers. Pigmentation usually normalizes in 3 to 6 months. Scarring is highly unusual but may occur, especially with inexperienced operators.

Reviva Laser Skin Clinic has treated over 1,000 patients in Metro Vancouver, and none of our patients have encountered any scarring as a result of IPL or laser treatments.

Q: How much does pigment removal cost?

A: The cost depends on your treatment method and number of lesions. Sometimes additional sessions are needed for the best results. Our physician and therapists will discuss the cost with you in more detail when you come for a free consultation.

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