Pigmentation & Spots

Unwanted spots and patches result from excessive pigment, or melanin, near the surface of the skin. Let us help remove your dark spots, dark patches, and other skin pigmentation problems.

At Reviva Laser Skin Clinic, we have some of the latest and safest laser/light technologies, selected by Dr. Ngai to treat age spots, sun spots, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIL), and especially stubborn melasma.



Q-switched Lasers

This powerful laser system targets pigments by selective photothermolysis. Pigment and melanin alone absorb the laser energy and are heated to high body temperatures. This breaks up the pigment, leaving your skin tone clearer and more even.

MD Bleaching

Microdermabrasion (MD) with Vibraderm uses salt crystals to removal dead skin cells. The vacuum pressure allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, fading brown patches and giving you a clear, healthy complexion.

IPL photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is made up of light in different wavelengths which can be filtered as needed, depending on your target(s). It treats redness, sun spots, acne scars, lesions, fine lines and wrinkles, and unwanted hair – all at the same time. Your skin will continue to improve for weeks after treatment.

Jasmine Laser

The Jasmine laser treats pigmented lesions with safe new wavelength combo that targets melasma with no need of topical anesthesia. Not only is this procedure safer, but you can get back to your day with no downtime – and noticeable results after just one session.

Fractional Laser

Fractional lasers (such as the Helios fractional laser and the fractional 1550 erbium fibre laser) encourage self-healing and stimulate long-term rejuvenation without damaging surrounding skin. The laser also reduces fine lines, acne scars, other raised scars, skin tags, age spots, and moles.

Medical Skin Care Program

Reviva’s customized at-home regimen helps maintain the results of your laser treatments, and works to fade discolouration and prevent further pigmentation as you go about your day. Our products are medical grade and available exclusively through doctors’ clinics.

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