Permanent Laser Hair Removal

If you are a woman with a luxurious beard, or a man with a gorilla chest, you may already be waxing, shaving, or plucking unwanted hair. You may even be shelling out for electrolysis.

Whether your excess hair is caused by genetics, medication (such as hormones or steroids), or medical conditions, there are less painful and tedious ways to get rid of that hair.

To help you remove hair quickly and reliably while saving time and money, Reviva offers these laser hair removal methods.

Diode Laser

Many people find excessive hair on the face or body unattractive, and the resulting embarrassment can be a hindrance in social and professional settings. The diode laser system is state-of-the-art and highly effective. It removes unwanted hair quickly and with less pain. You will see significant hair reduction even after one treatment.


The GentleYAG treatment is excellent for removing very fine or stubborn hair. It is the most powerful laser in its category.

If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your face or body, Reviva can take care of it! Click below to read answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Q: Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

A: Laser hair removal is not for everyone. The one absolute requirement is that your unwanted hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. Very tanned individuals with very light hair are generally not ideal candidates. Very dark (highly pigmented) skin can absorb too much laser energy and is not suitable for most standard laser hair removal treatments. However, highly specialized lasers can work on very dark-skinned patients, and these lasers are available at our clinic.

If you have thick, coarse hair, don’t worry — in most cases, coarse hair responds to laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) just as well as fine hair.

Q: Does laser hair removal work for blondes?

A: Brunettes are at an advantage when it comes to laser hair removal! Because black or dark brown hair tends to be thicker and contain the eumelanin pigment, it absorbs more laser energy and responds most quickly to laser treatment. Blonde and red hair usually contain pheomelanin, which is less effective at absorbing laser energy — multiple treatment sessions are required, and results may vary.

Q: What areas can be treated?

A: Patients usually request laser hair removal on the upper lip, face, neck, chest, chest, underarms, back, stomach, bikini line area, and legs. Any area where you have excess hair can be treated except for the delicate skin right by the eyes.

Q: How much does laser hair removal cost?

A: Laser hair removal costs significantly less than electrolysis. Your treatment cost will vary according to the size of the area treated and number of sessions required. Five treatment sessions are generally recommended to start. Large areas, such as the entire back or full legs, will require more sessions. Reviva offers discounts for larger treatment areas. Smaller areas, such as the upper lip, may require fewer sessions.

For a free quote, please visit Reviva for your individual consultation.

Q: How many treatment sessions will I need?

A: Although one session can produce long-term hair removal results, multiple treatments are generally necessary. This is because laser hair removal is most effective when your hair in the anagen phase of growth. Since your hair grows in cycles, not every hair would be in the same phase at a particular point in time.

The exact number of sessions needed varies for each patient. Laser hair removal is easier to perform on lighter skin, so fewer treatments are required. If you have very dark skin, more sessions are needed, and it is even more important for you to find a trustworthy clinic with experienced technicians. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

Q: Can laser remove all hair permanently?

A: The FDA has already approved several lasers for permanent hair reduction and several newer lasers have documented support of permanent hair reduction capabilities, so laser hair removal already has a leg up on waxing, shaving, and tweezing. Results for additional lasers are pending.

These results usually come from multiple treatments, with each session leading to a greater degree of permanent hair reduction. Patients should note that, with any laser, results vary from person to person and cannot be pinpointed.

Q: What about those clinics offering 100% guarantees or super low prices?

Two common laser hair removal myths are at play here.

1. It is impossible to know the exact results a patient will achieve with laser hair removal, or exactly how many sessions the patient will need. Like all reputable medical practices, reputable laser hair removal clinics do not guarantee results within a set number of sessions.

2. At established medical centres of good repute, patients know they are in good hands and will benefit from the expertise. When it comes to your body, budget medical treatments are generally not the best idea.

Stay informed! Always do your research and find clinics of high quality rather than low cost. Laser hair removal is a science, and requires individual attention from experienced, caring professionals.

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