Acne Scars

It’s easy to pray and hope that acne and acne scars will magically go away on their own in a year (or 10), but it’s time to take responsibility for your skin.

First things first: no single technology can successfully treat every type of acne.

A combination of treatments is generally needed, depending on your scar type, depth, and size, as well as your skin colour and desired recovery speed.

Top Effective Treatments for Acne Scars

Here is an overview of the best available treatments for acne scars:

1. Fractional Laser

The gold standard in cosmetic lasers, the fractional laser targets only small islands of skin with acne scars. Instead of stripping the scar away with an entire layer of skin like traditional ablative lasers, this treatment allows surrounding skin to heal over the area.

What this does for you: Shorter recovery time and even better results

2. Whisper Erbium YAG Laser

Gentle as a whisper, this laser removes epidermal cells while delivering gentle heat to the dermal tissues to stimulate collagen production. You will see visible improvement in your skin’s overall appearance, especially as acne scars are removed.

What this does for you: A gentler way to achieve smooth, rejuvenated skin

3. Scar Subcision

At Reviva, subcisions are performed by Dr. Henry Ngai, who has been practicing in Greater Vancouver, BC, since 1991. Deeper layers of the skin held down by the scar are surgically “freed up” so that the scar is filled out. This simple procedure can be easily combined with other laser treatments.

What this does for you: Quick improvement of the appearance of scars from within the skin

4. PRP Acne Scar Therapy

Also known as “Vampire’s Gift“. A small amount of blood is drawn from and placed in a centrifuge to produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The activated PRP is injected into and applied to acne scars with a medical Derma Roller. This also improves the look and feel of your skin by creating new blood vessels to bring vital nutrients to the skin. Read more about PRP here.

What this does for you: Healthier, better-looking skin with the regenerative powers of your own platelets (the most natural product in the world!)

5. Chemical Peel

Chemical peels slough off the damaged external layer of skin with carefully formulated acids to reveal inner layers that are free of scars. This light treatment forces your skin to regenerate, leaving it soft and smooth, and works on the body as well.

What this does for you: Brings out the better skin you’ve always known you had

6. Microneedling and/or Radiofrequency (RF)

At Reviva, we treat many patients with fractional microneedle radiofrequency, which uses ultra fine, medical-grade needles to deliver powerful RF energy into the skin for collagen remodelling and production. Needle depth and energy levels are preset by the clinician. Treatment is safer and more effective than with any home-use microneedle handsets.

What this does for you: Tightens skin immediately while stimulating collagen production to rejuvenate cells and heal acne scars

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