Smile! 3 Methods to Smooth Away Expression Lines

For some of us, laugh lines are no laughing matter. Unwanted lines flaring out from the nose or along the sides of the mouth can make expressions look stern and faces look aged.

The question is, which facial rejuvenating treatments can be used on expression lines without leave you looking like a Stepford Wife? Here are three natural and natural-looking options to consider.


Sculptra is one of the newer dermal fillers available. Derived from natural fruit acids, it is safe to use and eventually metabolized by the body.

Sculptra corrects hollows in the temples, cheeks, and under the eyes, as well as expression lines. More importantly, the active ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid, actually stimulates collagen production within your skin.

This means you will gradually look younger over time, without looking as if you’ve undergone treatment! Results last up to two years.

PRP Therapy

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy uses the healing powers of the platelets and growth factors in your own blood. This means there is zero risk of allergy, rejection, and other health issues.

By treating the blood, the physician increases the concentration of platelets up to 6 times. This platelet concentrate corrects lines, treats scars and dryness, and gives you younger skin over all.

PRP also increases collagen production, with results becoming visible in as little as one week.


Many patients think Ulthera sounds too “extreme” for them, but ultrasound energy is truly non-invasive while being truly effective.

FDA-approved for skin tightening, Ulthera strengthens collagen fibres in the skin without damaging the surface. It not only takes care of expression lines, but also reverses drooping and thinning of the skin.

And, of course, it increases collagen production in your cells for natural-looking rejuvenation. Results are visible after just one session and improve over time.

what works for you?

Reviva offers a wide range of wrinkle-fighting, anti-aging skin treatments. That said, the best type of treatment is the one that fits your skin condition, needs, and expectations. Whether you’re looking for natural results or something else, a consultation will help you and the doctor determine the right course of treatment for you.

Give us a call today at 604-233-0878 to book your consultation with Dr. Ngai (MD, UBC).

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