Smile! 3 Methods to Smooth Away Expression Lines

For some of us, laugh lines are no laughing matter. Unwanted lines flaring out from the nose or along the sides of the mouth can make expressions look stern and faces look aged. The question is, which facial rejuvenating treatments … Continue reading

Toxic Fakes in the Toxin Industry

Two weeks ago, the FDA warned the public that counterfeit BOTOX® or BOTOX Cosmetic® products are circulating in the US. Here in Metro Vancouver, unlicensed practitioners injecting Botox® into unsuspecting patients are already a danger. What does the law say? Health … Continue reading

This Trait is Listed as a Must-Have for Beautiful Women. Do You Have It?

Vancouver is halfway into its cherry blossoms, a flower likened to beautiful women. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Look up “human attractiveness” in a scientific journal, and you’ll see it’s actually pretty objective and measurable. Features attractive in … Continue reading

Platelet Rich Plasma More than Cosmetic

Did you know? Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been used for serious medical purposes since the 1990s. More than a cosmetic treatment, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is used for acne and acne scars as well as other scars and skin problems … Continue reading

First Surgen Patients See Sure Results

The first round of patients treated with new Surgen Hybrid Energy are now seeing excellent results, and we have the photos to show it. Surgen Hybrid Energy is a new technology that uses both heat energy and electrical energy to … Continue reading

New Days in the New Year

Happy holidays! It’s hard to believe that, in less than two weeks, 2014 will be over. For good. Have you started on those New Year’s resolutions yet? Whether it’s getting that faded, embarrassing tattoo removed, or simply looking more refreshed for … Continue reading

Are You Kissing Enough?

How often do you kiss? For something so simple (and just plain pleasurable), kissing can bring a good number of health benefits. benefits of a kiss Heart health: Kissing increases your heart rate while dilating blood vessels, lowering your blood … Continue reading

Surgen Hybrid Energy, a Non-Surgical Facelift

Hybrid Energy combines heat and electrical energy through the Surgen device, to kickstart your skin’s production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin — everything it needs to look smoother and younger.   Developed by Pollogen, the creator of TriPollar skin tightening … Continue reading

Sculptra: Making an Art out of Facial Rejuvenation

  Starting around your milestone 30th birthday, you may begin to see deeper laugh lines by your nose and mouth, and a gradual hollowing of your temples. This is because your body is beginning to produce less collagen, while, at … Continue reading

Out, Brown Spots, Out

Some women are so desperate to remove them, they literally put bleach on their faces. Melasma is the brown spots or patches you see on so many faces — maybe even your own. Commonly found blighting the cheeks, forehead, and … Continue reading